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STARTINFORUM International Business Consultancy LTD (StartinForum Uluslararası Danışmanlık Ticaret LTD Şirketi) is a consulting business company that provides a wide range of services in the field of international education, business, tourism, software development, language programs and translation.

Since the beginning of our foundation in 2018, we have been actively developing and implementing projects, organizing educational programs and courses, holding international conferences in the field of education, science and technology, providing consulting services to educational institutions, business companies and various kinds of social organizations around the world.

Among our constant partners and contacts is the Open University of Madrid (Spain); Silesian University (Poland); Gazi University (Turkey); IATELS International Association for Technology, Education and Linguistic Research; Sumy State University (Ukraine); MIT University (India), Kazakh University of Technology and Business (Kazakhstan); GIET University (India); International Academy of English Language (USA / Turkey); Institute of Biotechnology (Italy); Yilmaz Equipment (Turkey), NessIletisim (Turkey) and many others.

We offer consulting services for companies, educational institutions, individuals to improve their professional competencies by organizing short-term courses and programs on the subjects of their profile, internships, refresher courses. 

Among the areas of retraining and advanced training courses are : Energy; Oil-Processing Industry; Sustainable development; Ecology; Information Technology; Economy; Management; Tourism; Food industry; Education; Humanities, etc.

In the field of Energy and Oil-Processing Industry, we develop programs in cooperation with specialized experts from universities, organizations and enterprises working in this field, including specialists from SHELL and British Petrolium. 

A general description of the international educational program in the field of gas and oil processing industry can be found on our website (Gas and Oil, in the field of engineering and energy – Engineering and Applied Sciences

About 1,100 people took part in various programs with the participation and management of our company in educational programs. 

We are proud that the participants of our programs and our students remain within the circles of our long-term partnership, which testifies the quality of our services and reliability.

The list of our training programs can be checked as follows:

Engineering and Applied Sciences

Advanced Turbo Expander Compressor Technology: Turbo Expander Operation, Performance, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Cryogenic Air Separation Plants Operation and Maintenance

Design and Operations of Distillation Columns in Process Plants

Fundamental Process Engineering Training Course

Elements of Applied Process Engineering

HP Steam Boiler Operation, Control & Troubleshooting

Process Analysis – The Importance of Mass and Energy Balances

Process Plant Start-up, Commissioning & Troubleshooting

Gas and Oil 

Control & Operation of Cracked Gas Compressor & Steam Turbine

Design and Safe Operation & Optimization of Ethylene Cracking Furnaces

Efficient Operations of Distillation Columns in Ethylene Plants

Ethylene Plant Start-up, Commissioning & Troubleshooting

Ethylene Plant Production Processes

Gas Sweetening & Sulfur Recovery

Oil Movement, Storage & Troubleshooting

Language Programs & Courses

Russian Courses

Summer Intensive Program “Learn Turkish in Turkey”

Summer Programs “Learn & Travel English – Turkey”

Turkish Language

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