1. Raise your voice to support Ukraine and express your solidarity with the people. It is already a year since the full-scale war started and all this time Ukrainian people have been fighting heroically to protect their homes and families from Russian invasion.
  2. Share the information about the situation in Ukraine and raise awareness of your local community about real facts on the Russian-Ukrainian war. Help your local communities to know what is happening on the territory of the country which was attacked by its neighbor. The war continues breaking all international conventions and agreements. In the 21st century, the era of the rapidly developing science and technologies, bombs are being thrown on the houses of peaceful people while the country is being made to give up on its hopes and dreams to build a society of the democratic values and freedoms. The most serious violation of the people and country’s rights is trying to block their growth and development by war actions and death threats. 
  3. Think about the ways to contribute to the economical situation of the country. Ukrainians do not give up on their homeland, believe in their victory and work to support the economy of Ukraine. Despite all electricity cuts and broken chain supplies, they continue working at their jobs and do their best in fulfilling their duties. 

Think what economic value you can add to support Ukrainians and the economy in the country. 

How Can You Support The Economy Of Ukraine?

Uniting our efforts and supporting each other, we can finally reach a goal of establishing a sustainable peaceful future for us, our children and our planet as a whole.

A tragedy in one part of the world definitely affects all other areas and people in terms of peace, economy, sustainability of our life today and in the future.

The primary right of any human being is a right for life in peace. 

This must be a driving force of all actions and plans for now and in the future.

We work to establish connections between Ukraine and Ukrainians, business organisations and institutions from different countries who would like to support Ukraine with new business opportunities and employment.

Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions for bringing your plans and ideas in life

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