About Us

StartinForum International Consultancy LTD Company (SFICC) is a consultancy and project management company which provides a wide range of services in the areas of international education, business, tourism, software development, languages and translation.

We develop and implement projects, organise educational programs and courses, hold international conferences in the fields of education, technologies and language studies.

We offer consulting services for companies for enhancing their professional competences by organising short term courses and programs concerning the subject matter of their profile.

The company also provides consultations for the business establishment and its extension in the abroad countries.

In the area of the software development the company provides a wide scope of services for the website design, different types of e-systems, databases, etc according to the needs of the customers.

We are actively participating in the social activities aimed to enhance intercultural exchange, foreign language literacy, refugees and migrants assimilation.

Our interdisciplinary team of experts keep an intensive networking experience with various private entities, government units, technology centers, universitites, schools, and research organizations at national and international levels.

The company embraces a vigorous international team of the experienced experts and young staff providing opportunities for the professional growth and development at different stages of the professional career.

Our team is open for new challenges, creative and ambitious to participate and experience new ideas and projects in the international collaboration with partners and customers all round the world.

Our mission is viewed in facilitating intercultural dialogue, personal professional realisation, social cohesion and supporting initiatives for enhancing social and economic wellbeing.

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