About Us

STARTINFORUM International Consultancy LTD Company is a Project Management and Business Consultancy, providing a wide range of services in the areas of international business, trading, education, tourism, languages and translation, computer technologies, being socially active at the national and international levels.



The company provides consultancy for the business establishments and their extensions in other countries.

We assist with the market analysis, establishing partnerships and collaborative units, developing international business plans, etc.

We collaborate with agricultural enterprises, factories of food production, business organisations, real estate companies, construction companies, factories of industrial machinery, textile factories, mass media companies, technological centres and so on.

Establishing long-term, mutually beneficial collaborations, we set up reliable partnerships for all our parties to work successfully in their areas, reaching new markets and customers.

International Trading

We work to develop new trading plans and strategies, to strengthen the existing trading relations and to add with new products and services which are in need at the international market.

For this purpose we collaborate with a number of companies, factories and plants, a variety of organisations and institutions.

We work to establish reliable ties and connections for long-term partnerships and collaborative consortiums.

Computer Technologies and Software

Presently computer technologies are a must for leading a successful business in any sphere of service and production. With this purpose we work to enhance computer technology development and its implementation in the institutions and organisations of different levels. 

With the experience of our team in the field of the software development, graphics and multimedia we work to develop new information products, contents and programs. 

Our production and services in this area are applicable for the educational sector, trainings and re-trainings, online education modules of different level complexity, etc.

Together with that, our experts in the  area of the software development  provide a wide scope of services for the website design, different types of e-systems, databases, etc according to the needs of the customers.


We develop and implement projects, organise educational programs and courses, hold international conferences in the fields of education, technologies, language studies, management, economics, social sciences, etc.

Our team provides services on scientific and organisational accomplishments for specially designed meetings and conferences which target specific topics and audiences.

We offer consulting services for companies, schools and higher educational establisments for enhancing their professional competences and developing skills by organising courses and programs, concerning the subject matter of their profile.

Tours and Travels

With an extended experience of the international travel, our experts work to provide consultancy for the best travel solutions, concerning the places for sightseeing and staying during the tour.

Our special department STF Tours & Travels works to expose our customers to the best solutions in their quality and content to organise tours for vacation, business or educational purposes.  

Collaborating with a big variety of hotels in different countries of Europe and Middle East, we provide the services of guidance and hotel arrangements for the individual and group stay.

With the help of our experts the time of staying in the hotel can be accompanied with the cultural and historical tours to spend the time meaningfully and take the most out of the trip.

Translation and Interpretation

International consultancy is impossible without proper language competences and translation skills. 

Our highly professional experts  of STF Translation provide services of translation and interpreting in all spheres of communication. 

We work with companies and individuals, institutions and in partnerships with other establishments and businesses to facilitate communication in business, education, mass media, tourism, engineering, technology, etc.

Experienced in translation techniques and technologies, being sensitive to the customers’ needs, our experts work to make translations highly professional, trustworthy and timely to comply with the deadlines and requirements for the content and quality.

Social Activities 

We are actively participating in the social activities, aimed to enhance intercultural exchange, foreign language literacy, refugees and migrants assimilation, enhancing corporate responsibility of the business units and organisations.

Our company is an active, resourceful partner in ERASMUS+ projects, collaborating with the institutions, business organisations and schools of Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Poland, Kazakhstan, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Portugal, and so on.

Our interdisciplinary team of experts keep an intensive networking with various private entities, government units, technology centers, universitites, schools, and research organizations at national and international levels to strengthen collaboration and develop new projects and activities.

Our Team

The company embraces a vigorous international team of the experienced experts and young staff, providing opportunities for the professional growth and development at different stages of the professional career.

Our team is open for new challenges, creative and ambitious to participate in new projects and experience new ideas in the framework of the international collaboration with partners and customers all round the world.

Our mission is viewed in facilitating intercultural dialogue, personal professional realisation, social cohesion and supporting initiatives for enhancing social and economic wellbeing.

For contact and collaboration please feel free to contact us via the form below.

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