STARTINFORUM is actively involved in international research and project development under the umbrella of ERASMUS + framework.

General Description

Founded in 2018, STARTINFORUM International Business Consultancy LTD Company works as a commercial project management and business consultancy organisation providing services in the fields of education, training and research; international relations concerning trade (import / export) and property investment.

Since 2023, the company has also become associated with the production areas of textile and furniture.

The company also provides consultancy for business and educational tourism, organisations and events.

The company experts develop and implement educational and business projects, organise educational programs and courses, hold international conferences.

We offer consulting services for companies on enhancing their professional competences by organising short term courses and programs concerning the subject matter of their profile. 

The R&D department of the company coordinates research and educational projects, conducts research in ICT, education, IT sector, language education, educational psychology, organisational psychology, psychology of work and business.

The company experts are also involved in IT development projects, data security projects, projects on education management and e-learning.

The company actively supports academic activities and collaboration of international scholars and units by establishing and sponsoring IATELS

The company supports organising three annual international conferences – ICPATME ( ), ICLTE ( and APBM ( 

It works to support English online education by developing programs, courses, teaching and learning materials under the umbrella of English IATELS (

The company staff also collaborates with schools and language centres for English language education and training.

The company owns an academic peer-reviewed online journal IJPATME

The company also functions as a publishing house for publishing books, journals, teaching and learning materials, different types of manuals. 

Our company experts, who are at different levels of their professional careers, comprise a vigorous multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral team working with a wide network of business organisations, commercial establishments and educational institutions  within the country and abroad.

List of up to 5 publications, widely-used datasets, software, goods, services, or any other achievements relevant to the call content
Type of achievement (publication, dataset, software, good, service, other?)Short description
IATELS – International Association for Technology, Education and Language Studies http://iatels.comIATELS is an international organisation comprising individual researchers and scholars as well as educational establishments and organisations from very different countries of the world. Among them are India, Pakistan, Morocco, Taiwan, Philippines, China, Malta and many others. Since 2018, the year of its establishment under the umbrella of IATELS more than 20 international conferences have been organised. IATELS continues its active work on organising international conferences, trainings, workshops, initiating international collaborations and projects.
IJPATME – International Journal on Pedagogical Advances in Technology-Mediated Education (ISSN 2651-4427) http://patme-journal.iatels.comIJPATME is an academic peer-reviewed journal publishing research papers in the fields of education, technologies, innovations in education, different types of social and educational change caused by the technological developments and innovations
English IATELS International Academy http://learnenglish.iatels.comEnglish IATELS is an international service in online English language teaching and training. It’s an online establishment which provides educational and training support to students, ELT teachers, young learners and adults from different countries. The English IATELS Team develops programs and courses for different purposes of ELT, develops teaching and learning materials in English to be used online and in a traditional classroom.
Social Skill Training is a Facebook group which has been active for more than ten years embracing more than 14 000 members nowadays. The group became an international platform for discussing, sharing and organising trainings on social skills, communication, psychology, social interaction and well-being. 
“Current ISSUES in PSYCHOLOGY AND Education: International Perspectives in the Post-COVID Era. Monograph. Edited by Prof. Dr.Iryna Sekret, STARTINFORUM, 2023, Türkiye. ISBN 978-605-68986-2-4
The book is a collective monograph including chapters aimed to overview current issues in psychology and education caused by the global pandemic crisis. The chapters cover the studies presented at the ICPATME 2022 – IV International Conference on Education and Technologies “International Perspectives on Pedagogical Advances in Technology-Mediated Education,” held in Akdeniz University (Antalya, Türkiye). The chapters target different issues of human behaviour, education, online learning, English language teaching, enhancements in psychological diagnostics and measuring tools. The studies which entered this book were conducted by the researchers from Türkiye, Morocco, India, Mexico, Nigeria and represent a value for the international academic community working and conducting research in the related areas.
List of up to 5 recent projects or activities
Name of Project or Activity  (Project acronym / title, project No, grant agreement No)Project goal, Implementation period, Source of funding
ICPATME – International Conference on Education and Technologies and namely ICPATME 2023 “Artificial Intelligence: Ethics, Society, Education”ICPATME is an annual international conference on Education and Technology which was initiated in 2018. Since that time, the conference embraced a big number of participants from very different countries of the world. Based on the conference materials, books of abstracts, special issues of journals and monographs are published regularly.
ICLTE – International Conference on Language Studies, Translation and Education, and namely ICLTE 2023 with special sections “AI in Language Education”, “AI in Education”, presentations and discussions on Soft Skills and their training
ICLTE is an annual international conference on Language Studies, Translation and Education. It was established in 2018. Since that time, ICLTE has been hold 4 times embracing participants different countries of the world. The conference materials are published in books of abstracts and special issues of journals.
APBM – International Conference on Applied Psychology and Business Management http://apbm.iatels.comAPBM is an annual international conference on Applied Psychology and Business Management. The conference was launched in 2020. APBM attracted an immediate interest in wide academic circles and continues to be a vigorous academic platform to present studies in social sciences and humanities with a special focus on psychology and business management.  The conference materials are published in books of abstracts and special issues of journals.
IRNet – International research network for study and development of new tools and methods for advanced pedagogical science in the field of ICT instruments, e-learning and intercultural competences The project was aimed at creating an interdisciplinary program for the development of modern tools in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) in pedagogical sciences and distance learning, as well as the development of pedagogy in the context of intercultural competences in the countries of the EU, Australia, Russia and Ukraine. Source of funding: EC, 7FP, IRSES, MCA, GA No: PIRSES-GA-2013-612536.  Impl. period: 01.01.2014-31.12.2017. Role in the project: associated member
MOOC for Sciences of EducationThe project targeted development and implementation of five MOOCs in Polish and in English on the Polish MOOCs platform Contemp. ICT Tools and Innovative Methods of Creative Education; Sources of scientific information in the Internet environment; Entrepreneurship for the Youngest Students; Introduction to Computational Thinking; other. Conducting research on the effectiveness of MOOCs in the training. POWER 03.01.00-00-W027 / 18.00 Impl. period: 01.10.2019-30.09.2021. Role in the project: a course content developer
Description of any significant infrastructure and/or any major items of technical equipment
Name of infrastructure of equipment (i.e. Conference rooms, research facilities, office spaces, laboratories, coworking offices, library, or other)Short description
Office roomsThe company can provide sufficient space resources to offer a suitable environment for work with Internet access for scientific work, seminars, trainings, and workshops.
Conference hallsThe company collaborates with a big number of organisations and hotels which allows organising conferences, trainings and workshop in any part of the country. The conference facilities are organised and provided according to the number of the participants and program needs.
ClassroomsThe company can organise facilities and fully equipped classrooms for training students of different ages. The classrooms are equipped with smart boards, overhead projectors and Internet connection.

Current Involvement in Research and Innovation Actions

The company continues supporting academic collaboration and research of IATELS initiating new research projects on language education, artificial intelligence, comparative studies in psychology and social studies.

The schedule of the conferences (ICPATME, ICLTE, APBM) is settled for the following five years to hold the events annually and extend the number of the partners and participants accordingly.

The company has also initiated a series of trainings and courses for pre-service and in-service English teachers of schools and universities of Iraq and Oman.

Apart from the organisational and research activities, the staff of the company is working on a series of English textbooks for primary and secondary school students.

The publishing activities continue for IJPATME and international monographs.

The company staff is involve in the projects on developing educational platforms, configuring advertising funnels, packaging online courses, developing LMS systems.

The company experts are also involved in the projects of graphic design of illustrations and marketing materials, conducting research on information security concerning data leak detection and prevention in networks.

Short term courses and training on soft skills for business persons and managers are being developed and implemented in the business organisations of Ukraine (face-to-face) and online as Social Skills training for all those who are interested from different countries.

Our Expertise for International Research and Educational Projects

We will be happy to share our expertise in the research projects and projects on education and training with a particular focus on:

  • Languages and language education,
  • Educational and organisational psychology,
  • ICT in education and training,
  • AI for education and business,
  • Teacher training in any field of science and social studies,
  • Business management,
  • Educational content development for online courses and traditional education,
  • Textbook development and publishing;
  • Publishing activities;
  • Organisational activities for conferences, workshops and training;
  • Organisational activities for business trips, educational tours, internships, etc.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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