Discovering More Opportunities for Investment and Hotel Business – Bursa, Turkey

Turkey has already occupied a strong leading place in the world’s tourism industry with a variety of the natural spaces, affordable prices and decent quality of the services.

Hospitality of the local people is an extra huge plus to the welcoming atmosphere of the country and touristic infrastructure. Even if newcomers come across with any situation which may cause some inconveniences, the hosts are always doing their best to solve the issue and please the guests.

Turkey is a country of a big diversity of the landscapes and weather conditions, and all of them have already found their fans and customers.

Antalya, Izmir, Cappadocia have already gained a world-wide fame for their natural beauty, historic sites, a very well-developed infrastructure of hotels, places to visit and leisure activities.

Though, in this post, we would like to highlight Bursa, which somehow slipped out of the attention of the global touristic community and serious investments.

Let’s say “somehow” because the city and its surrounding area definitely deserve for a closer look and recognition.

We won’t speak here about a rich historic past of the city because it will take lots of pages to cover at least its tiny part.

We won’t even mention its close location to Istanbul, Marmara Sea, Uludag Mountain and its mild climate in comparison to Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir.

All these features are already known but have not received an adequate appreciation in terms of the huge potential they provide for tourism and hotel infrastructure.

In winter with ski resorts and thermal waters, in summer with cool natural forests beauty on the one hand and seasides on the other, Bursa is the place to feed tourism all year round.

So, if to sum up, what are the plusses of Bursa in comparison to other places of Turkey which are already known in touristic circles?

  1. Close location to Istanbul, availability of its own airport;
  2. More affordable prices on property and life;
  3. Developed city infrastructure and a big number of the leading enterprises of the country;
  4. Close distance to the seaside of Marmara on the one hand and being protected by the woods and forests of the Uludag Mountain on the other one;
  5. Mild climate and weather conditions with moderate summers and mild winters;
  6. Rich historic past;
  7. Hospitality of the local people which resembles the one of the Mediterranean area;
  8. A variety of cuisine which combines traditional Turkish food with the tastes of the Aegean region;
  9. Close location to the Aegean side and its attractions;
  10. Possibility for a big variety of the leisure activities depending on the tastes and preferences all year round.

Our team has already done analysis of the main hotels in the city and its surroundings.

We can provide you with deeper insights on plusses and minuses of the current state of the touristic infrastructure in the city and potentials which can be discovered.

Together with that, we can guide you in your investment decisions.

You can consider buying land for new projects, and we will provide you with all the information concerning the potential of the place for tourism purposes.

You can also consider renovating and reconstructing current projects for the purposes of your business and ideas.

We can also offer you options of the hotels and recreational places which can be taken over at once to continue with their current functioning or changing for better business ideas.

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in your projects and ideas

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