Engineering and Applied Sciences

We organise short term intensive courses for engineers and managers depending on their professional fields in order to provide opportunities for their professional development, enhancing their processional competences and sharing experiences in a collaboration with the leading experts.

Please check the list of the courses currently available:

Cryogenic Air Separation Plants Operation and Maintenance – Course Description

Design and Operations of Distillation Columns in Process Plants – Course Description

Advanced Turbo Expander Compressor Technology: Turbo Expander Operation, Performance, Maintenance & Troubleshooting – Course Description

Fundamental Process Engineering Training Course – Course Description

Elements of Applied Process Engineering – Course Description

Process Plant Start-up, Commissioning & Troubleshooting – Course Description

HP Steam Boiler Operation, Control & Troubleshooting –Course Description)

Process Analysis – The Importance of Mass and Energy Balances – Course Description

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