Language Programs & Courses

Our language experts and trainers develop programs and courses aimed at our learners language needs at their different ages and stages of the foreign language proficiency.

We provide language programs which are designed to be delivered individually, in small groups, and in big classrooms applying individual personalised approach by our international team of the language trainers.

The courses can be given in traditional classroom settings, online, and in other environments combining the joy of gaining new experiences and developing the language skills.

Among our courses are:

English Courses and Programs

  • English for Kids
  • Business English
  • English for Finance and Banking
  • Conversational English
  • Learn & Play English (middle school)


  • Basics of Turkish
  • Conversational Turkish
  • Academic Turkish

Courses of Russian

  • Basics of Russian
  • Russian for Business and Tourism
  • Academic Russian


  • Ukrainian for Business and Tourism
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