43% of the surveyed companies in Ukraine assess their own financial stability as durable for several months, 28% have a stock for six months, 17% trust their financial stability to last for a year or longer.

This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the European Business Association among its member companies.

However, 6% report that the company’s financial resources have been exhausted.

“Among almost half of the surveyed company executives, 46%, plan to use the state-sponsored methods of business support, 29% do not have a decision yet, and 23% do not plan to receive assistance from the state,” the EBA said.

Among the announced ways of support, the majority of the company executives, 65%, will offer employees UAH 6,500 in e-Support assistance.

Half of the companies plan to take advantage of the deferred tax payments and the opportunity not to pay the SSCs for the employees involved in the defence of the country in the Armed Forces or the territorial defence units.

The survey did not take into account the new steps to support business proposed by the draft law №7137-d, recently adopted by the Verkhovna Rada.

What kind of additional steps  can be taken by the government to support business? 

EBA: “We see an urgent need to revive the business. Among the proposals is the abolition of the list of critical imports as a barrier to set business ties between suppliers and buyers, promoting the revival of imports and exports, logistics support and simplification of customs procedures. It is extremely important for the export companies to restore the VAT refund on exports. The companies need to resume their settlements with foreign counter-parties to replenish their working capital and provide raw materials for production.”

The companies were asked if they plan to use the company’s evacuation program from the war zone. Out of the 120 companies surveyed, only 13 plan to evacuate, four of whom have already accomplished evacuation.

50% of the respondents said that their businesses could not be transported, other 11% had already evacuated businesses on their own. 21% of the respondents do not have enterprises in the combat zone.

67% of the surveyed companies provide humanitarian aid to the civilians.

The full amount of taxes is paid without any interruption by 66% of the association’s member companies, 14% pay taxes in advance.

120 CEOs and representatives of EBA member companies took part in the survey. The poll was conducted from March 11 to 17, 2022.

President Zelensky Commanded to Speed up the Delivery of Goods From Abroad – The Government of Ukraine is Ready to Eliminate Taxes and Excises 

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky instructed the government, the National Security and Defense Council and the Verkhovna Rada to speed up the supply of all necessary goods from abroad. It especially concerns food, fuel and other goods that meet the basic needs of the country.

Zelensky expressed readiness to remove taxes and excises during the martial law. The state is also ready to eliminate customs officers who do not understand the challenges of the wartime.

“Our borders must be open to everything that Ukrainians need. I am waiting for the appropriate decisions by the end of the day. Everyone now has to work only for Ukrainians, for our country and our defence. There is no place for  personal ambitions, fears, bureaucracy. Everything is for the protection of Ukraine! ”, the President emphasized.


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