Educational and Business Tours

Educational tourism can be defined as tourism that pursues educational goals, combining tours with learning experience, practices in new environments, internships and explorations of new areas and cultures.

Either historical, cultural or social and professional, practicing or learning a new language – all these purposes can be covered in a well-organised educational tour.

In fact education has always been using tourism as a tool to complement compulsory programs as an opportunity to apply theories into practice, gain new experiences and ideas to enhance the education content or to boost professional skills.

This well-developed trend, combined with new training methods and tourism advances is a great opportunity to broaden students’ horizons on their education, other countries and their future all together.

Educational tours are a good enrichment for the education from primary school to higher and professional education.

What Kind of Educational Tours Can Be?

School Trips

School trips are short in their duration and can last from 2 days to one week, taking the time of the weekend or the school holidays.

We can program trips with the school teachers and the students’ parents to develop special tours according to the students’ age and their learning needs.

Such trips are a good compliment to the development of the students’ speaking skills in a foreign language and their understanding of other countries and cultures.

Together with famous cultural places, the students can be brought to visit the areas or institutions which can be beneficial for their further education, either focussing on specific knowledge or developing plans for future education and profession.

Summer Camps

Summer or some other seasonal camps can be designed either for the school students or for those who are studying in the universities.

Camps can be organised as intensive training environment, focussing on development of one or several skills. They can be language camps, camps for creativity and arts, touristic camps, sports camps and so on.

The definite benefit of organising such camps is that the students will have a good opportunity not only to develop the targeted skills but also to meet friends from other countries, practice their communicative skills in a foreign language, explore local cultures and food, learn to live in a new community.

Touristic Experiences for the University Students

Aside from the vocational educational tours and camps, which can be developed according to the students’ learning needs, age and interests, internships in different countries are highly recommended for the students’ professional identification and preparing them for entering the world of business and corporate relations.

Internships in the places, organisations and institutions which are very close in their profile to the students’ future profession are extremely valuable for young people to see how it works to be in the profession, to test their knowledge and skills, gained in the university and to see what they still need to learn to become a specialist in their professional domain.

Together with that, the experience, received during the internship abroad, can be a significant contribution to the student’s professional profile to be presented to future employers to increase the chances to be hired immediately after the graduation from the university.

Business Tours

Independent businessmen, entrepreneurs, representatives of business organisations, factories and other types of companies can think about organising business tours with the following purposes:

  • Meeting new partners and customers;
  • Participating in exhibitions of their profile either as presenters of their products and services or the visitors to meet new producers and service providers;
  • Vacations for employees and their families;
  • Pre-arranged meetings and conferences;
  • Explorations of new sites and areas, etc.

According to the aims of the business trips, the program can be arranged accordingly. It should include:

  • transportation logistics,
  • accommodation,
  • activities targeting the business aims,
  • translation services,
  • official procedures if required (e.g. registrations, applications, document checks, and so on),
  • cultural program.

In any case the first thing to remember is the target to be addressed by the educational tour program.

Speaking about students and young people as participants of the educational trips it should be remembered that generally it is a young person, who is one of modern millennial generation, with the specific preferences, being highly interested in new technologies, preferring quick change of experiences, being active in learning and emotions to live.

The tourism sector must be able to adapt to all the needs of present consumers.

The society demands more and more educational tourism and it is very important to know how to respond to that growth and integrate it to the new generations in order to improve their touristic experience and make it beneficial for their education and personal development as a whole.

Contact Us to Arrange Your Tour

If you are thinking to plan an educational or a business trip which will be designed specifically for your personal needs or the needs of your organisation, please feel free to contact us.

Receiving the description of your aims and targets we will do out best to provide you with the best solutions to arrange your trip and to make it the most beneficial for your educational or business purposes.

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