Software Localization

For the international success of software, various areas need to be translated. This also includes instructions and other accompanying material.

One of the greatest challenges facing software translators is translating the contents of the software itself into the other language.

Frequent difficulties are restricted text fields, hidden texts or fixed forms. Bringing predefined contents to the required length imposes high requirements on the capabilities and experience of the translator. Together with that accuracy, attention and adequacy in the form and content are the challenges our translators are going to deal with successfully.

Added to this, in professional software translations it is not sufficient to translate the contents into a different language. Instead of a conventional translation, a software localization is necessary. Our native-speaker software translators have experience with software localizations as well as the know-how required for this purpose meeting ideal requirements for the program to be successful in any linguistic and cultural circle.

Range of software translations

Our services around software localizations are wide ranging. Among others we translate:

• Office software (databases, software for text processing or project management, etc);

• Administration systems (HRM, SCM, ERP etc.);

• Computer games;

• System software, from web applications to apps for mobile devices;

• Educational software;

• Integrated software for televisions, navigation systems, mobile telephones, etc.

Translators with knowledge of local markets

The quality of translations depends crucially on the translator’ expertise in language and the subject of the translation. For software translations we work with specialists who meet the following requirements:

• Native speakers with in-depth knowledge of language, culture and mind set in the particular target country;

• Experience with software translations in the particular specialist area;

• Professional way of working on schedule.

Since we have been operating for more than 15 years, we can provide translation services in any language combination.

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