Pricing For Translation and Editing Services

We work to provide affordable prices and conditions for our individual and corporate customers.

We week with texts of different length and complexity, coping with the terms required by the project.

Translation Services

Our company offers competitive rates and pricing for our high-quality translation services.

For a low price of 0.06 USD per source word, you will get professional and accurate translation.

The pricing of the project depends on various factors. Texts differ in their length and complexity as well as the translations done for different purposes. That is why it is important to consider the most influential factors in work as the following:

Size of the Project. Project size means the total number of words of a particular translation job. For general translations, our rate per word source is 0.06 USD. For specialized translations, we charge 0.07 Euro cents per word. Meanwhile, we charge 0.08 USD per word for technical translation projects. Highly complicated technical, medical and academic translations cost 0.09 USD per word.

The discount is offered for the projects with more than 30,000 words.

Language Pair and Combination. Some languages are more difficult to translate than others. We also base our prices on the complexity of your chosen language pair. We charge more for languages that are harder to translate. The details can be discussed with our project manager based on the tasks and aims of your project.

Expertise. Our fields of expertise are groups into three. They are general, specialized and high-tech translations. General translations include fields such as Art, Culinary, Media, Fashion, Travel, Entertainment, Advertising and more. Specialized fields include Business, Legal, Medical, Finance, Computers and other. High-tech fields of expertise include Nuclear, Physics, Defense, Aerospace and more. We charge less for general translation jobs and we charge higher for specialized and high-tech fields.

Project Duration. Our company is sensitive when it comes to meeting deadlines. Therefore, we consider it when it comes to pricing our projects. We charge less for longer deadlines and we charge higher rates for rush projects or deadlines that are due in a short period of time.

Format and Layout. We also base our prices on the complexity of the final layout and format of the translation project. Since we aim to translate your job orders based on the documents you submit to us, we see to it that we produce the same results in a different language. Our rates are higher for image-heavy formats while we charge a lower rate for projects that are text-based.

Aside from these factors, we may include others that may affect translation. Our prices are flexible as well as negotiable.

We draft a proposal and computation before the start of any project.

We work to make conditions the most acceptable and favourable for all parties, considering timing and quality of the translation services.

Editing Services

Editing services cannot be charged with a flat fee as each text is unique and requires different approach, based on its topic, length, heaviness of the editing required, etc.

Therefore, the editors need to see the entire text to determine the cost of editing.

We usually charge by the word, which is based on an hourly rate of $50, and $60 to $75 for heavier edits or more senior editors, and $150 per hour for specialized editors.

After calculating the per-word rate, we multiply that per-word rate, for example, 3.5 cents, times the number of words in the manuscript. This per-word rate gives you a firm quote going into the job, which can give you peace of mind: You pay for the exact number of words that we edit.

The charge by the hour of editing is acceptable too, and can be even more economical in some situations.

For the editing of academic manuscripts, the per-word editing rates range from 3.5 to 15 cents per word (roughly $8.75 to $37.50 per page, based on 250 words per page, double spaced.)

For the editing of application materials (grant proposals, CVs, cover letters, teaching philosophy statements, and research statements) our per-word rates range from 6 cents to 25 cents for our top application materials editor.

For proofreading, which is the final step in the process, after all editing and copyediting have been done, we charge between 2.5 cents and 3 cents per word. For a paper we’ve just edited, that is, the second editing passwith the same editor who just edited your paper, the proofreading rate is 10 percent lower than your hourly rate.

Please note that while many clients refer to copyediting and editing as proofreading, in editor parlance, proofreading is not equivalent to copyediting or editing.

Per-Word Rates

Several factors affect the cost of editing a manuscript. In addition to the number of words, we look at the extent of editing required, quantifying the edits based on the amount of grammatical or wording problems in the lines.

We also take into account the extent of “structural” editing, that is the analysis and solutions the editor provides in the comments on the logic, flow, or overall organization of the paper as well as any actual restructuring, which can involve moving sentences or providing recrafting of sentences (which your editor would ask you to review to ensure that the sense is in tact).

All changes are tracked (in a different font color) so that you can readily find them. We find that Microsoft Word offers the best vehicle for tracking changes and commenting.

Cutting text, which we are often asked to do, is more costly because the editor has to make difficult decisions about what to cut.  If it’s very repetitive or goes off on tangents, it’s easier to cut. But we cannot always guarantee to cut as much as is necessary, especially by condensing.

The per word cost of your edit usually falls into one of the following categories:

  • Light edit (copy edit): 3.5–4 cents per word ($50 to $55 per hour)
  • Medium edit (substantive edit): 4.1–5 cents per word ($55 to $65 per hour)
  • Heavy edit (developmental edit): 5.1–13 cents per word ($65–$75 per hour)
  • Proofreading (after the above editing passes): 2.5–2.8 ($45–55 per hour)

Typically, a light edit is limited to edits on the word and sentence level and would not require substantive rewriting.

A medium edit can include more structural issues on the sentence and paragraph level.

A heavy edit can include all of the above plus structural issues on the document level, such as the reordering of paragraphs or cutting of redundant text, which calls for a more nuanced and in-depth understanding of the text.


If we format only — without editing — we charge between $40 and $45 per hour.

Cite Checking

We can check the accuracy of your citations. For this work, which can be very time consuming, we charge $45/hour.

Rush Jobs

Once you confirm that you want us to proceed with your project, for jobs under 10,000 words, we usually guarantee that the edited paper will be returned in 5 to 6 days. If you require a faster turnaround, we can usually accommodate rush jobs. We charge the following surcharges for rush deliveries:

Within four days: Surcharge of 30%
Within three days: Surcharge of 40%
Within two days: Surcharge of 50%
Within one day: Make inquiry

Minimum Job

We accept small jobs but have a minimum order fee of $50 for texts that are 1,000 words or less.

The pricing provided above is an approximate orientation. To get the exact price calculation for your project please contact us via email or filling out the form below.

We will do our best to return in the quickest possible time with the best solutions for translation and editing.

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