JobExpo 2023 Registration

Dear Applicants,

Thank you for your interest in JobExpo 2023 and sending your application to join the event.

JobExpo 2023 was established as an online platform to make employers and employees meet and find matches in terms of new professional perspectives, business development and boosting careers.

JobExpo 2023 – April will be held for 2 days online bringing together representatives of the organisations and companies which are looking for employees to join their teams, and those who are seeking new employment opportunities.

During the days of the JobExpo 2023 – April, the registered participants will have a chance to meet, get acquainted with the companies which are currently hiring or discuss business opportunities for work and partnership internationally.

The participants will be able to present themselves, meet people from different countries and explore chances for collaboration.

The JobExpo will be also attended by career trainers and psychologists to give workshops on professional development, personal growth and enhancing business skills.

All the applications received will be carefully processed and grouped according to the professional profiles to set meetings with the hiring companies / businesses accordingly. 

Besides, the applicants will be assigned to the Groups of Opportunities where they will be guided to brainstorm, discuss and develop new business plans and projects with registered participants from other countries.

JobExpo 2023 is organised as a humanitarian project aimed to give support to all those who are looking for a job, new career opportunities and professional development, that is why the registration fee is kept at the level of the minimal amount of US $ 28 to be affordable for more participants to join the JobExpo meetings.

The registration fee is to be paid to the organisers’ official bank account given below.

Please note that it is the only method of the registration and paying the registration which is acceptable:

Bank name: Kuveytturk Katılım Banksi A.Ş; Bank code: 205; Branch code: 145; Branch Name: Bolu

Bank Account Holder (Name): STARTINFORUM Uluslararası Danışmanlık Ticaret LTD Şirketi 

Euro – IBAN: TR14 0020 5000 0949 1472 5001 02

US Dollar – IBAN: TR41 0020 5000 0949 1472 5001 01

Account holder address: Tabaklar Mahallesi Mah. Cumhuriyet Cadde, 32/26, Merkez/Bolu, Turkey

Swift code: KTEFTRIS 

Please email the copy of the bank transfer slip to for a cross check.

In a view that some fraud organisations may try to mislead internet users and forward them to other platforms charging them more than the official registration fee and making them pay through other channels, it is a warning for our applicants to be sure to follow the payment instructions of this email and send the copy of the papers confirming their finalised registration to the email address

The registration fee collected is to cover the organisational expenses, use of technologies required to hold the JobExpo meetings in real time, processing the applications according to their professional profiles, framing the meetings with potential employers and designing the workshops for developing new business plans and projects which will be held during the days of the JobExpo 2023 – April.

The detailed program of the JobExpo 2023 – April will be shared with the registered applicants before the days of the event.

The program will contain:

  • Opening Ceremony, 
  • Companies’ presentation sessions (the representatives of the hiring companies and businesses are going to speak about their organisations and requirements for hiring new employees);
  • Meeting sessions (the applicants looking for jobs will have a chance to represent themselves and talk with the companies’ representatives);
  • Workshops on developing business plans and projects (lead by the JobExpo organisers and business trainers);
  • Workshops on Professional Development and Personal Growth;
  • Groups of Opportunities (groups and meetings for the applicants to know each other better and explore the opportunities of partnerships and collaboration);
  • Closing Ceremony and Follow-up 

Please note that JobExpo2023 is going to be held 4 times in 2023 : 

April – July – September – December. 

The applicants registered for one event of the JobExpo 2023 will have their CVs considered and presented at the other three events of the JobExpo 2023.

If the applicants are not able to join the meetings online, their CVs will be presented and brought to the discussion by the event organisers in any case.

Please note that the organisers of the JobExpo do not guarantee employment but work to create more tangible opportunities for the applicants to explore employment opportunities, find new employees, establish partnerships and develop new collaborative plans with those who are interested.

Thank you in advance for confirming your intentions to join the JobExpo 2023 and proceeding with the registration process,

In case of any questions and concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions,

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Doaa Shamim

Head Manager of JobExpo 2023


STARTINFORUM International Project Management and Business Consultancy, TURKEY

STARTINFORUM Uluslararası Danışmanlık Ticaret LTD Şirketi, TÜRKİYE

Bolu, Türkiye

Tabaklar Mah., Cumhuriyet Cad., 32 / 26 Bolu, Turkey, 14000

Bursa, Türkiye

Konak Mah., Lefkoşe Cad., Barış (120) Sok., Ofis + Plaza, No 3,Kat 1, Kapı No. 10, 16265, Nilufer, Bursa

Tel: +9 0536 859 12 32

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