International Translation Agency is Looking for Translators

International Translation Agency is looking for translators and interpreters to work on constant basis and in separate projects. 

The selected candidates are going to work in a remote mode.

The volume of work is going to be settled individually.

We are looking for translators who are: 

  • Fluent at least in one pair of languages (written and oral translation);
  • Having prior experience of work in the domain of translation.

In your application papers please indicate:

  • Education;
  • Proof of the language fluency;
  • Proof of the experience of doing translations (projects, samples of texts translated, certificates, reference letters);
  • Pair of languages (native-target);
  • Specialisation in translation (technical, medical, written, oral, etc);
  • Current employment status.

If you are interested in perspective collaboration, please forward your papers to

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