PATME – Pedagogical Advances in Technology-Mediated Education

Pedagogical Advances in Technology-Mediated Education is the International Conference “Pedagogical Advances in Technology-Mediated Education” is aimed to bring together academicians, businesses and those who are interested to discuss problems of technologies and education, meet new partners, and share their experiences and ideas about education and learning in the world of the technologically-enhanced society and globalised businesses.

The conference is empowered by International Association for Technology, Education and Language Studies, which is the community uniting representatives from different countries of the world – Algeria, Austria, Britain, Czech Republic, India, Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ukraine, and so on.

The conference is aimed to create a rigorous platform for sharing experiences, methodologies and good practices of technology-mediated education.

For collaboration, participation, and partnership please contact with us at

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