Over-the-Phone Interpreting

Our professional interpreters are experts in their fields, with years of training not only as linguists, but also within different professional disciplines.

When you call for interpretation services, we match you with an experienced interpreter in the language — and industry — you specify.

It means that you’ll always have a qualified interpreter whether it is health care-related calls or an issue concerning finance and business.

Over-the-phone interpreting is used in situations that don’t allow face-to-face interpreting. Whether it is time, distance or cost prohibit for the use of a live interpreter, the telephonic interpreting provides a convenient, fast way to make yourself understood.

Surely using face-to-face interpreting whenever possible is preferable concerning visual cues and non-verbal communication factors, however, in a case of emergency and absence of alive interpreting the over-the-phone language assistance can be the best solution.

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