Medical Tourism

Medical Treatment for International Patients in Turkey

Turkey is the country known for its breathtaking nature, seas, beautiful resorts providing all inclusive services for affordable prices.

It has also become a destination to buy a property which is very attractive in quality and its cost.

Together with that Turkey is successfully gaining a reputation of the country which welcomes patients from all over the world to provide them with qualitative medical services.

Most of the hospitals in Turkey work work with the USA medical equipment suppliers to guarantee quick and reliable diagnostics and to set a roadmap for the patients to start their treatment.

Together with that the medicine is available in the chemistries with the prices which are much more favourable than in other European countries.

Applying the newest methods for the disease diagnostics and their treatment the doctors in the hospitals of Turkey work to respond at once to the call of the patients and to start the healing process.

According to the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council (THTC) report, 746,000 foreign patients from 146 countries were treated in Turkey in 2017, and this number tend to grow due to the quality of the services, affordable prices and humanistic attitudes of the doctors and medical personnel.

Patients from Russia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and many others start their treatment in the hospitals of Turkey, trusting their health and lives to the doctors, who are highly professional in their domains.

According to the reports of TÜROFED, by 2023 the number of medical tourists in Turkey will increase up to 2 million people. With the growing capacities of Turkey in the sector of the medical services this number is expected to be even higher.

The government of Turkey provides significant support to the medical tourism, caring for the significant discounts for the flights to Turkey and back to the home countries of the international patients.

Main domains of the medical tourism in Turkey are oncology, plastic surgery, transplantology, reproductive medicine, and cardiology.

As confirmed by international commissions, the medicine of Turkey is developing rapidly. 46 clinics of the country are working successfully to treat national and international patients.

An overview below is just a little glimpse at a few most popular clinics and hospitals in Turkey. This list of the affordable and qualitative hospitals is not limited by the ones, mentioned below. They are just an example of the health and care establishments in the country.

Liv Hospital Ulus is a multi-specialized medical center located in Istanbul. 

Orthopedics, cancer treatment, weight loss surgery, neurosurgery, heart surgery and regenerative medicine are the leading specialties in the hospital. 

Liv is a smart hospital with innovative medical technologies available: da Vinci robot-assisted system for the surgeries, MAKOplasty for knee replacement, YAG Laser for vascular surgery, virtual angiography for cardiac diagnostics, etc.

Liv Hospital in Istanbul is a popular weight loss surgery clinic in Turkey — patients lose 71% of their excess weight in a year.

Koç University Hospital became operational in September 2014 as a research and training hospital. With the completion of the second phase of the Health Sciences Campus, the hospital increased its capacity to 404 inpatient rooms and 73 intensive care unit beds. With 220.000 m2 net area, Health Sciences Campus including medical school, nursing school, research laboratories and advanced learning center aims to contribute to qualified human capital in healthcare sector with its innovative approach and dynamic team at North American standards. Much attention is paid to the development and improvement of the tactics of treatment of cancer, hematological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neurosurgical and other pathologies. The Koç Hospital is working on the problems and improvement of the treatment of cancer, hematological, cardiovascular diseases, endocrinology and metabolism, obesity, diabetes, adrenal dysfunction. An important specialty in the clinic is oncohematology. Doctors conduct bone marrow transplantation and chemotherapy. Bone marrow transplantation is carried out exclusively for adult patients. The clinic is equipped according to generally accepted standards of medicine in the field of hematology. Multidisciplinary approach is adopted to the diagnosis and treatment, taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient. This improves the results of the examination and provides an environment to create the most optimal treatment plan. Such tactics are used in leading medical institutions of the world.

Memorial Hospitals Group was established in February, 2000 with the mission of becoming a world-class brand in healthcare. Memorial is the home of trust in healthcare with its expert physicians and healthcare staff, patient-oriented service approach, quality policy, state of the art diagnosis and treatment equipment, and comfortable facilities.

Pioneering the improvement of healthcare services standards with many first practices in Turkey, Memorial also successfully represents Turkish Healthcare Sector abroad with its international diagnostic and treatment centers. Internationally known departments such as In Vitro Fertilization, Cardiovascular Surgery, Transplantation, Robotic Surgery, Oncology and Genetics make Memorial a reference center in its region. Admitting patients from over 90 countries throughout the world annually, Memorial is a world-class hospital that bring comfort of being treated in a safe environment to more and more patients each year.

Memorial Group includes 11 hospitals, 2 medical centers and 1 wellness center that are located throughout Turkey in İstanbul, Ankara, Kayseri, Antalya and Diyarbakır.

Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Turkey and the entire region especially known for its success in the field of Oncology and the world’s most advanced imaging technology PET MR. Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hospitals provide services in Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Gammaknife, Pet MR, Nuclear Medicine, Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy, Radiology Unit, Genetic Diseases Diagnosis Center, Pathology Laboratory, Tissue Typing and Immunology Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory and Microbiology Laboratory.

The Hospital staff treat national and international patients following the international standards, confirmed with the due certificates. The hospital group continues to raise its targets in quality and to be one of the leading establishments with the technology transfers, scientific evidence and successful physicians, accredited at the international arena. The doctors apply new methods of treatment within the personalized oncology in the Advanced Oncology Center established in Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hospital.

Anadolu Medical Center is structured with solid-based approaches and designed in a line with national and international accreditation and standardisation requirements of JCI (Joint Commission International). Our hospital has been accredited since February 17, 2007. The hospital staff and administration work to fulfil all the requirements in order to improve the quality of the patient care, to reduce the risks by providing a safe environment for patients and employees, and to ensure continuous improvement. JCI standards are grouped under two main headings: patient-oriented standards and organization-oriented standards:

Patient-oriented standards:

  • Continuous care of the patients’ rights and their relatives;
  • Thorough diagnostics and evaluation of the patients;
  • Caring for the patients’ anesthesia and surgical care;
  • Medication management and the use of the medicine;
  • Education of the patients and their relatives.

Among management-related standards:

  • Quality improvement and patient safety;
  • Infection control and prevention management.

Our Services for the International Medical Tourists

Our company provides consulting services to deliver one-stop package from start to finish, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a fully trained and experienced team of advisors and interpreters to coordinate all your medical, travel, accommodation, leisure and other needs trustfully and professionally.

We work to provide an overview report about hospitals and their capacities according to our customers’ health needs.

Together with that our team work to organise logistics of the medical trip with the services of transportation, accommodation, prior appointments for the doctors to economise the time of the travel and stay in Turkey and make the stay maximally beneficial for the patients and their treatment.

In the package of our services are:

  • Interpretation services;
  • Documentation translation;
  • Transportation services;
  • Hosting and accommodation;
  • Prior arrangements of the appointments;
  • Logistics of the trip with the purpose to use the time of the patient’s stay in Turkey maximally beneficial for their time spending and treatment; etc.

The full package of the services is negotiable with the customers according to their needs.

Feel free to contact us for more details and arranging your trip to Turkey!

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